I have had the opportunity to work on an exciting variety of educational projects and resources, check out some of my favourites below.

Digital Future

Developed modules for Microsoft’s Explore the digital future programme with Hopscotch Consulting.

Designed to help to prepare young people for the tech-driven future and demonstrate how diversity builds better technology.

Fly Away

I created a STEAM pack around themes of space, physics and music for 11 – 16 years for mSchools in partnership with the Airbus Foundation.

These resources support students to use their mobile phones as pocket laboratories to collect and analyse data, as well as participate in practical physics challenges. Students discover and apply key science concepts, including Newton’s laws, mass and weight, forces, speed and velocity, acceleration and gravity. They are guided to reflect and evaluate the ability of music to help us understand and interpret the world around us.

Celebrate Vaccines

I produced 2 curriculum-linked packs for the British Society for Immunology as part of their #CelebrateVaccines campaign: Investigating Immunity for KS2/P4-7 and Going Viral for KS3/S1 – S3.

Investigating Immunity introduces students to the concept of immunity and explore how vaccinations take advantage of the natural functions of the immune system. Going Viral builds students’ understanding of how the body responds to harmful pathogens and explores how vaccines mimic this process, and introduces students to the concept of herd immunity.

Machines of the Future

I created a three resource packs around themes of AI and Machine Learning for 10 – 18 years for the British Science Association in partnership with the Royal Society.

These resources support students to explore what machine learning tools and learn about how they work, reflect on future technological
change, use their knowledge of AI and machine learning to design products or conduct research in a real-world context.

Learning Designer

Creating fully remote, social, active and applied learning experiences on cutting-edge digital platform for Higher Ed, Aula. I work with academics at universities to bring their modules to life on the Aula platform.

DNA and the world around you

I developed a pack of genetics themed investigative activities for KS2 level pupils, for the British Science Association in partnership with the Wellcome Genome Campus. These activities are accredited for the CREST SuperStar Award.

The activities are introduced through storytelling, supporting teachers to deliver primary science in an engaging way. Pupils use enquiry, logical thinking, pattern-spotting and evaluation to complete a range of practical challenges. Activities focus on exploring the everyday nature of genetics, and the impact of DNA, genes and genomes in their lives and world around them.

GSK Learning Resources

I created 2 KS3 curriculum-linked modules for Hopscotch Consulting in partnership with the GSK: How an arm works and Discovering Digestion.

How an arm works explores the basics of biomechanics and brings to life students’ understanding of how muscles work with the skeleton through a hands-on model arm building activity. Discovering digestion introduce students to food groups through two experiments that look at the presence of nutrients in different types of food, and how the body gets energy from them.

Mission: Rescue

I developed and trained staff to deliver Mission: Rescue, a full day immersive experience for KS2 or 3, that takes children on a mission in space for Winchester Science Centre.

During their expedition, they are faced with a series of unexpected events that challenge their success. Using the available tools and resources, the children have to think like engineers to find a crew missing in action, build a heat shield and safely land a spaceship.

YoMo STEAM Challenge

Development of competition pack for the YoMo STEAM Challenge, to place young people at the centre of change and promote scientific and technological activism as a key tool to transform the world.

LEGO Robotix Facilitator

I deliver extra-curricular LEGO Robotix Clubs. Through building and programming robots, children develop their STEM, communication, teamwork and problem solving skills.

Based on the LEGO® Education methodology, children participate in active construction and are the protagonists of their own discovery and learning. They give life to their inventions through programming.

Weather and Climate resources for schools

I produced a range of curriculum-linked resources on themes around weather and Climate Change for Hopscotch Consulting in partnership with the MET Office: pack of 5 lesson plans for KS2, 5 lesson plans for KS3, and 5 hands-on DIY activities.

These resources support students to discover maths and science through weather and climate, and develop their understand of the wide-reaching impacts of weather and climate change locally and globally, for people, places and businesses.

STEAMing Ahead

I wrote a suite of 20 marine themed STEM challenges for Junior Sea Cadets, for the Marine Society and Sea Cadets.

These practical activities support volunteer leaders to deliver hands-on fun STEM sessions. Juniors use scientific method, make hypothesis, and use design and testing, to learn about a variety of nautical topics ranging from navigation and weather through to anchoring, engines, and buoyancy.

Online CPD courses

I support with technical and functional delivery of online CPD courses with STEM Learning, working closely with course mentors, educators and authors to
provide a seamless learning experience for participants.

Courses are flexible and collaborative, and are designed to support educators and volunteers to engage and inspire young people in STEM.

Cybersecurity Challenge

I designed a cyber security themed escape room for KS3 and 4 students, for Hopscotch Consulting in partnership with Siemens.

Students complete a series of linked challenges – cracking passwords, analysing security logs, spotting phishing emails and using social media posts to help catch a cyber criminal. The activities are designed as an interactive way to support students’ learning about keeping themselves and others safe online. 

GCSE Biology Starters and Plenaries

I authored two packs of GCSE Biology Starters and Plenaries for ZigZag Education.

The packs contain starters and plenaries designed specifically for the GCSE (9–1) AQA Biology specification (2016). Activities are suited for a range of different learning styles, include worksheets, games and discussion prompts, and incorporate independent, paired and grouped work.

Eco-innovators competition resources

I created 2 curriculum-linked Competition Packs, each including 3 lesson plans around transport and urban change for KS3 to KS5 for Hopscotch Consulting in partnership with the Office for Low Emission Vehicles as part of the Year of Engineering.

Lessons plans are designed to support teachers to deliver cross-curricula lessons in science, geography and design and technology classes. Students develop skills in problem-solving, teamwork and communication. The activities are all framed in a real-life context, help young people to understand the growing role EVs will play in the coming years, and inspire them to see engineering as a creative and exciting career opportunity.

Our Planet UK Education Resources

I worked on curriculum-linked Educator Packs for KS2 and KS3 for Hopscotch Consulting in partnership with WWF, to accompany the release of Our Planet on Netflix.

Students complete a series of activities to help build their knowledge and understanding of sustainability issues, explore their own values and develop key skills so that they feel empowered to take action on issues important to them.

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